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                                          What we do.

Pullen Angus is a family owned cattle. We base our operations on utilization of native grasses, conservation of surface water and proven Angus cattle.

We capture the sunlight with our grasses, turn it into a source of nutrients, harvest them with our cattle, who convert them into a high quality protein source.

Our cattle genetics include the selection for good maternal characteristics, thriftiness, docility, muscling, marbling and longevity.  While we use EPDs (expected progeny differences) in our selection process, how the cattle actually perform in our environment is the ultimate selection tool. We use this tool as a guideline to choose cattle as replacements for our own herd and to offer our customers options for their bull and cow replacement needs.

We work with nature to make our operation, not only efficient, but also sustainable for now AND the future. It is our hope that these consciencious choices we are making now, will lead and inspire future generations who will also strive to become nurturing stewards of this land.

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Your Source for Productive, Quality Genetics
Pullen-Mayfield Ranch

       P O Box 296

  Bellevue, Tx 76228

Pullen-Mayfield Ranch

       P O Box 296

  Bellevue, Tx 76228
   Rayford & Carla Pullen
        (940) 928-2528
        (940) 841-1510 

       17516 Hwy 287 S