The Pullen-Mayfield Ranch (Puma) is located in north central Texas between Wichita Falls and Fort Worth. Lying in the Cross Timbers region of Texas, this land has been in Carla’s family for over 100 years.  We are a family run business with about 350 mother cows. Utilizing artificial insemination, embryo transfer and herd bulls to produce quality bloodlines that will work for the commercial rancher.

     Rayford and Carla Pullen operate the daily business with the assistance of two really good employees, Brad Liggett, reproduction and cow herd management, and Cliff Norman, if it can be fixed, Cliff can do it.

     Carla grew up on the place where we live.  She has a background in Animal Health, cow/calf and stocker production. Rayford grew up in Honey Grove, Tx. He moved to this area in 1977 as County Agent in Montage County until 2001. They married in 1995 and together, have been the stewards of the land.

     We are a native grass operation that also uses Marshall Ryegrass in the fall and winter to develop our bulls and heifers. Our primary summer grasses are little bluestem, side oats gamma, switch grass, big bluestem, Indian grass and many others.  Our winter grasses include Texas winter grass and an assortment of bromes.  We feed no hay to our mature cow herd, but do supplement protein from Dec. 15 through March 15.

     We became involved in the Registered Angus business in 2002.  Since then, we have been selling Angus bulls and heifers annually. Our goal is to produce cattle that will work for our customers in the country.  In our operation, our cattle have to do the job.  We provide the grass, the vaccinations and other necessary inputs, but the momma cow has to produce the calf.  No creep.  And when we wean our calf crop each year, we take a look at the weaning weights per bull and per cow.  This decides who goes and who stays.  

     When you are in the neighborhood, stop by. You are always welcome and we will leave the gate open for you. 
 Rayford and Carla
                                                   What We Do

Pullen Angus is a family owned cattle ranch based on native grasses, surface water and Angus cattle.
We capture the sunlight with our grasses, turn it into a source of nutrients, harvest them with our cattle and convert them into a high quality protein source.
Our cattle genetics include the selection for good maternal characteristics, thriftiness, docility, muscling, marbling and longevity.  While we use EPDs (expected progeny differences) in our selection process, how the cattle actually perform in our environment is the ultimate selection tool used to select the cattle as replacements for our herd and to offer to our customers for their bull and cow replacement needs.
We work with nature to make our operation not only efficient but also sustainable for now and the future generations that will someday become stewards of this land.

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The future has never looked brighter for the cattle industry.  While the nations cattle inventory has continued to decline, prices have responded. The next 4-5 years should be very rewarding for producers willing to change with the times. Let's all do this for the benefit of all producers.  While none of us individually can have a really positive impact on our industry, each one of us is very capable of having a very negative impact. If you are not up to date on how to properly give vaccinations and or other injections, consider becoming certified through your states Beef Quality Assurance programs.  We should be the best stewards of the land and livestock that we can be. None of us can make it alone. Thank you for having faith in us as your seed stock producer.  

Rayford and Carla Pullen
We sell to our neighbors!!
Pullen-Mayfield Ranch
Carla is very involved in the preservation and restoration of Clay County history.
To the right, she is dressed in vintage style at the reopening reception at Clay County 1890 Jail Museum - Heritage Center.
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