As a local professional photographer, I update my advertising in the local paper on a weekly basis. Not too long ago, I put together the usual ad and submitted it to the paper. As part of the ad, I had randomly chosen a photograph of one of the better images I had of a young boy I had captured a year ago in the Bowie Days Mutton Bustin’ competition.

A day after the ad appeared, I got a phone call from the boy’s grandmother who mentioned that the boy riding the sheep in the ad was her grandson and that the whole family was thrilled to see it. I thanked her and expected that to be the end of the conversation. What happened next touched me in a way that impacted my life forever.

She told me not to feel bad, but this sweet little boy, her grandson, Anthony Moss… had died in a horrible accident in February. He was hit by a truck while running for the school bus. My jaw dropped. I knew about the accident, but I did not know that this picture was Anthony. As she explained the circumstances through a wavering voice, I could not help but break-down from the pure emotion of listening to this heartbreaking account. The bottom line is – we both had a bit of a cry over the phone and I assured her that I would give her any of the now VERY precious images I had of this darling little boy.

While you look at this picture, please notice the intent look Anthony has on his face while riding that sheep. He had a look of determination and confidence 
that I am sure is representative of how he lived his short little life. I created this composition as a tribute to him. 

When you look at this image, I know of course that it invokes an initial feeling of grief and sadness. After that initial feeling has passed, however, please focus instead on the determination that this young man had - to live his life to the fullest during the time he had. Please try to leave this image with the inspiration to live the rest of your own life with the same spirit and determination Anthony obviously did. I hope this picture and the LIFE of this remarkable young man touches you as it has me in a positive way from this day forward. 
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 The Eagles' Nest

The school children voted this as the name for the playground. 
It is open at all times for every child to enjoy.
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