2 Bar Predestined 7945  Reg: +15908467AMF NHC

       Sire:  G A R Predestined    MGS:  Twin Valley Precision E161.

          Lonestar Objectivebelle E750  Reg:  +16194610AMF NHF

        Sire:  SS Objective T510 0T26    MGS:  Twin Valley Precision E161

          DRMCTR Expect Precision  2EO2  Reg:  +14145875AMF NHF

                   Sire:  G A R Expectation 4915    MGS:  G A R Precision 1680
   Donor Females

G A R Objective 747 Reg: 15823064

Sire:  SS Objective T510 OT26  MGS:  Bon View New Design 1407
AM and NH Free Pedigree

2 Bar Predestined 7850  Reg: 15725389 (NHF)

Sire:  GAR Predestined  MGS:  SVF Gdar 216 LTD

Goode Expectation 433  Reg: AAA 14731664

CAF 433 Solution 7S2  Reg: AAA +15659337

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Pullen-Mayfield Ranch

       P O Box 296

  Bellevue, Tx 76228

Pullen-Mayfield Ranch

       P O Box 296

  Bellevue, Tx 76228
   Rayford & Carla Pullen
        (940) 928-2528
        (940) 841-1510 

       17516 Hwy 287 S